Funny Video: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #3

Jimmy Kimmel released his third “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment on Tuesday to commemorate the six-year anniversary of Twitter existing.

The first two featured recent guests like Justin Bieber, Anna Faris, Snooki, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry reading grammatically questionable Tweets attacking their character, appearance, and/or career.

(The third has Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell, Hayden Panettiere, Anderson Cooper and several more.)

Anyone who appreciates the way SNL acts as an outlet for the celebrity guests to make fun of themselves (thus taking the power away from the original fun-pokers) will probably like this.

Best: “I saw Larry King at dinner! But it might have just been a run of the mill goblin.” Second best: “Selena Gomez is on the radio now. Is there a volume lower than mute?”

Third best: “I liked Kristen Stewart better when she was a boy.” Fourth best: “If u climbed inside Snooki‘s vagina it would probably be like the fu**ing pacific ocean.”

What do you think?

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