Megan Fox Apologizes For Telling The Truth About Lindsay Lohan

Megan Fox Esquire 2013Megan Fox apologized on Facebook for calling her Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen co-star Lindsay Lohan an unreliable actress with a lot of potential.

While explaining in an interview why she had her Marilyn Monroe tattoo lasered off, Fox drew comparisons between her (Marilyn) and Lindsay.

“She wasn’t powerful at the time. She was sort of like Lindsay. She was an actress who wasn’t reliable, who almost wasn’t insurable. She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered,” she told Esquire.

Fox said on Facebook that she wanted to clarify her comments before “something silly” happened. 

“I attempted to draw parallels between Lindsay and Marilyn in order to illustrate my point that while Marilyn may be an icon now, sadly she was not respected and taken seriously while she was still living,” Fox wrote.

“It was most definitely not my intention to criticize or degrade Lindsay. I would never want her to feel bullied, as she does not deserve that. I was not always speaking eloquently during this interview and this miscommunication is my fault.”

Megan Fox as Carla Santini opposite her onscreen nemesis in COATDQ
Megan Fox as Carla Santini opposite her onscreen nemesis (Lindsay Lohan) in COATDQ

I don’t think Megan should bother apologizing. What she said was true and not even that harsh. Just today Lindsay’s father made a public statement that his daughter is not a paid escort.

She called Lindsay “gifted” and suggested that she might die before her time and become a legend. It’s the kindest version of the truth.

The only person who should be apologizing is insultingly shallow Esquire writer Stephen Marche, who praised the symmetry of Megan’s face and talked about talented women of today not being beautiful enough, citing Amy Adams as an example.
Megan Fox Esquire 2013 1

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