Obama Proposes Civilian Assault Weapon Ban and Background Checks For All Firearm Buyers

Obama gun conferenceAfter over a month of depressing post-Sandy Hook gun “solutions” from the NRA, one Piers Morgan deportation petition and a million opinions from every political and non-political corner of the earth, Obama has finally set a plan in motion to combat rampant gun-related homicides in America.

During a press conference on Wednesday morning, Obama proposed legislation that would require criminal background checks for all gun sales and ban assault rifles and armor-piercing bullets to anyone but law enforcement and military officials.

“[Gun violence] has terrible consequence for our society … and if we can only do one thing to stop it, we should all try and do that,” he told a crowd of reporters at the televised event. 

Obama said that he knows “It won’t be easy” in the speech that also covered stricter gun-trafficking laws and research regarding “the effects violent video games have on young minds.”

I suggest investing that [unnecessary] “research” money into getting rid of the NRA’s shooting practice video game for five-year-olds (and maybe the responding  Bullet to the Head of the NRA“).

Colbert said it best. “Of course, video game violence is not a new problem. Who can forget, in the wake of SimCity, how children everywhere took up urban planning?”

There’s also the time I ran across the freeway at rush hour after playing Frogger, and then the other time I tried out for the Seattle Seahawks because of Madden 07. 

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