Lena Dunham Talks Racism, Nudity, Jodie Foster, Heels and Body Image with Howard Stern

Lena Dunham howard SternLena Dunham called in to The Howard Stern Show on the 16th, covering a plethora of topics including her own nudity, the lack of nudity from the other female cast members on Girls, the ethnicity controversy, and Howard’s original and new opinion of her and the show.

Dunham said she first found out about Howard’s criticism of her while sitting backstage at The Today Show with British co-star Jemima Kirke and that she “thought it was funny” that he compared her to Jonah Hill (she returned the favor by comparing him to her presumably feisty Grandma Dot). 

“I’m in love with you and you character, and I had a change of my mind. Evidentially, I’m not allowed to change my mind. When I came in and said it, my fans immediately say ‘Oh you’re a pussy, you’re a jerk, you’re apologizing,'” Stern confessed.

Here are all of Lena’s fantastic quotes on racism, nudity, walking in heels, her show, her body, and Jodie Foster:

Her weight: “Here’s what I will say. I enjoy the little fat chick label. You have a very beautiful slim wife, I’m not that fat Howard, I mean, I don’t need to take major issue with you about this but I’m not super thin. I’m thin for like, Detroit.”

On almost falling over at the Globes: “I can’t really walk in heels, but I still haven’t sort of said ‘no’ to the industrial heel complex that seems to be forced on all actresses, so I think my next move is to wear flats to whatever else I’m invited to.”

Lena Dunham girls cast Golden GlobesJodie Foster’s acceptance speech: “I thought it was really beautiful and the reason I thought it was beautiful was because I thought it expressed the challenges and ambiguity of having a really brilliant career.”

When people said Girls was ‘too white’: “I think a conversation about race in television is one that needs to happen, and if our show is able to spark an interesting dialogue on that topic, I’m totally willing to take one for the team and sort of sit back and allow that conversation to happen, but it’s definitely upsetting when people accuse you personally of having a narrow world view because of the cast of your show.”

Why Allison Williams isn’t naked: “I think people who want be nude should be nude. I don’t want to be like a 57-year-old creepy man producer and pressure anyone into it.”

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