The Dark-Haired Guy From One Direction Cheated On The Blonde Girl From Little Mix

Zayn Malik Perrie EdwardsMy knowledge of British boy and girl bands doesn’t stretch beyond the Girls Aloud documentary and early fondness for BBMak and the Spice Girls, but since we’re all fascinated by celebrity misfortune, I’ll tell you about the latest cheating scandal involving perfectly groomed children of the UK.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik (“dark-haired guy” because his is the darkest of the four brunette members) has been dating Perrie Edwards (usually blonde, currently purple?) of the four-piece girl group Little Mix for about a year.

They were both on The X Factor in different seasons (7 and 8) and fans refer to them as “Zerrie” and think they’re the cutest couple in all of Disneyland or The Matrix or whatever. 

How devastating for those fans that an Australian woman (also blonde) is claiming to have slept with Zayn behind Perrie’s back…

“He’s an absolute s**t. How dare he – not only to me but to Perrie?” Courtney Webb aka “CJ” told The Sun, insisting that she did not find out that he had girlfriend until after penetration.

Zayn Malik's mistress, an aspiring something
Zayn Malik’s mistress, an aspiring something

Webb reportedly met him at the London club DSTRKT and went back to his mansion with friends, eventually spending enough alone time together for her to take an incriminating photo of him sleeping.

Via The Daily Mail:

As soon as they were alone together CJ then claims the X Factor star pounced on before they enjoyed intercourse.

Although things went awry when Malik allegedly asked her to leave and tried calling her a taxi straight after.

So, Courtney Webb the waitress (most popular mistress profession) – attention-whore, actual whore or truth-teller?

What do you think?

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