Schwarzenegger’s Forgotten Unit Unearthed in New Jersey

Arnold flashingThe past week has not been easy for symbols of American machismo.

First Burt Reynolds and his mustache were placed in the ICU after coming down with decimating winter flu. Ron Jeremy, also in intensive care, had an aneurysm, and a vintage photo of Austrian muscle man turned Cali Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger engaged in a lewd act was reportedly discovered in a storage locker belonging to late Penthouse founder Bob Guccione.

I picture a team of khaki-laden archaeologists dusting the corners of this locker, imagining it was a highly precious mystery holding secrets of mankind, or at least deleted scenes from Jurassic Park. 

Replace “team of archaeologists” with “financier Jeremy Frommer,” who actually found the image of presumably naked Arnold and a yet-to-be-identified woman, and you’ve got the truth.

Frommer has been linked to movie and book projects relating to Jersey-native Guccione since he passed away in 2010.

The New York Post notes that rummaging through his belongings also unearthed an unpublished nude photo of Madonna, but who doesn’t have one of those, really?

What do you think?

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