Farting, Peeing and Menopause, With Your Host: Whoopi Goldberg!

Whoopi Watch what happens liveWhoopi Goldberg makes aging look so fun. You basically get to sit around all day in a hammock smoking pot. Peeing yourself as soon as your foot touches the ground is also a part of it.

Goldberg admitted this week on Watch What Happens Live that her bladder isn’t quite what it used to be. When Andy Cohen asked her if she could do one jumping jack in ten seconds (referencing 1986’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash) she said: “No. You know why? Because every time I land I pee.” She also alluded to the fact that her intestines had somehow improved. “I don’t fart as much as I used to but I find that a sneeze is dangerous. A cough can be dangerous.” 

Speaking of that, when a caller asked how Whoopi got her name, her casual response was “Uh, I’m a farter.”

“Well, you know when you work in the theater sometimes you have to do quick changes and it’s not a big theater so you’re running around. Sometimes you’re just letting go. That was the joke. It became Whoopi Goldberg,” she explained, adding that “Goldberg” is a family name.
Andy Cohen Whoopi Goldberg
She also refused to answer a question about overrated comedians because she’s “menopausal,” and confessed that she’s “intensely puzzled” by reality shows and wears a white shirt every day on The View because she’s “not comfortable” in anything else.

[“I’m just trying to keep my eyes moist” is the best excuse for rolling your eyes at Barbara Walters.]

One thought on “Farting, Peeing and Menopause, With Your Host: Whoopi Goldberg!

  1. Whoopi Goldberg! puts a lighthearted touch to aging lifting the spirit. Gods childlike carefree spirit is in her. The spirit in her is eternal. That spirit puts smiles on the faces of people. . She wants people to be happy. That is a godly trait. Gods light will smile upon her not being hell to her. Joy she she can’t feel will one day be fully realized because of what she gave in this world of darkness. Whoopi Goldberg is a shining light.


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