Thanks to GoDaddy, Average Joes Think They Have a Chance With Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli nerd kiss After her GoDaddy ad with beta male Jesse Heiman, international supermodel and former DiCaprio arm candy Bar Refaeli is being accosted by some very unspecial men.

The day after her commercial was televised for 108 million viewers during the Super Bowl, she posted a photo of herself from inside a car. Moments later, she was flooded with messages that had nothing to do with cars and everything to do with them scoring with her.

From Instagram user @pcagent: “if godaddy can rent a hot steamy kiss from you then the only other question I have? what else is on the menu :)” 

From Instagram user @kierankavanagh: “If you can kiss that ginger then you can kiss me”

From Instagram user @lucaabbra: “Why did you kiss that nerd when you could had kiss me Bar :( <3”

From Instagram user @gumby9983: “Can I get a kiss like the guy in the commercial?”

From Instagram user @blindnerd: “KISS ME!”

Verbatim. Bar doing 45 takes of kissing with an out-of-shape actor for a hefty sum: reality. You making out with Bar for free: fiction.

What do you think?

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