Russki Couple Get Matching Face Tattoos 24 Hours After Meeting

Russian face tattoo womanTrue love in Russia! Lesya and Ruslan Toumaniantz decided to get five inch-high tattoos of each other’s names after spending a single day together.

This is great because it’s probably really hard for them to remember who they’re dating.

Ruslan, a tattoo artist who originally “met” ladylove Lesya in a chat room, was so taken with her figure/personality that he splooged Gothic ink blotches all over her face cheeks (and his own). –>PHOTOS HERE<–

Usually regret sets in months, maybe years later, but I have a feeling 30 seconds to that 24 hours is more fitting. Somewhere near a pigeon cage, Mike Tyson just said “Oh sh*t, you went too far.”

What do you think?

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