Beyonce For Vogue, March 2013

Beyonce Vogue 2013 Before her big night(s) at the Super Bowl and Grammys (to which she wore a similarly underwhelming black and white trouser and top combo), Beyonce did an interview with Vogue that generated a headline about Blue Ivy being her best and only friend in the world.

This is not entirely true. Vogue did in fact incorporate unique quotes from pals like Gemini’s Twin member Kelly Rowland, mother Tina Knowles, Alicia Keys (who said she has “more power than any woman”) and Gwyneth Paltrow (friends with everybody). GQ did the same thing in their extra strange interview with Bey, enlisting Solange for what felt like half the interview.

Maybe Beyonce just isn’t filling enough space on the page? Here are the parts she did fill in, with crayons, for Vogue’s March issue… 

On being for real pregnant “I felt very maternal around eight months and I thought I couldn’t become any more until I saw the baby…. But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain…. We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.”
Being pretend pregnant: “That was very odd. Who even thinks that? Like, who would make that up…. You can’t take it too seriously.”

Not reading gossip: “Don’t scroll down! You’re definitely going to get your feelings hurt.”

Her new album: “Is a lot more sensual… empowering.”

Dining with collaborators: “We had dinners with the producers every day, like a family. It was like a camp. Weekends off. You could go and jump in the pool and ride bikes… the ocean and grass and sunshine….  It was really a safe place.”
Blue Ivy: “She’s my road dog. She’s my homey, my best friend.”

Having more kids “When I was younger, there were moments where I said, ‘I’m not going to have children,’ and then moments when I wanted four. And now I definitely want another, but I don’t know when.”

Finding a balance between a work ethic and not giving a crap: “I don’t feel like I have to please anyone. I feel free. I feel like I’m an adult. I’m grown. I can do what I want. I can say what I want. I can retire if I want. That’s why I’ve worked hard.”
[An ass like a shelf… that you could set important things on.]

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