There’s No Getting Around It – Oscar Pistorius Meant To Kill His Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius cryingThere are still friends, family and devout fans of Oscar Pistorius who do not want to explore the possibility that the murder of his girlfriend was not an accident, but if the police and news reports are even remotely correct, there is simply no way that it was.

30-year-old FHM model Reeva Steenkamp was shot four times through a door in the hand and head. Reports suggest that a first bullet hit her in the hip while she was in the bedroom, and that she was later chased into the bathroom. Even if she wasn’t attacked before entering the bathroom, there is little to no chance that Pistorius mistook her for an intruder.

Most people scream (or make recognizable noises of some sort) when their life is in danger…

On top of that, it’s virtually impossible to imagine that he didn’t know who she was when she was locked in a room in his house.

A “source” tells City Press that Reeva had stayed overnight and was killed dressed in a nightgown. Again, if that’s true, and Oscar did try to resuscitate her after calling his sister, close friend, and father with the news that there had “been a terrible accident,” you have to assume that he
simply regretted killing her moments later.

The idea that South Africa and his neighborhood in particular was unsafe is still a weak foundation for this particular murder. It’s more likely that trigger-happy Pistorius, who has a history of abuse with women and “accidentally” shot a gun off in a restaurant just weeks before Valentine’s, purposefully killed her because of a disagreement.

It’s not just people with diagnosed mental problems who should not own guns, it’s those who act on impulse during fits of rage. It’s possible that she’d still be alive if he only owned a cricket bat, instead of a cricket bat, a machine gun, and a pistol.

Pistorius is returning to court for a bail hearing on Tuesday, facing allegations of premeditated murder.
Reeva Steenkamp headlinethe sun ReevaReeva insulting headline
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