Shark Week Sex Never Off Limits for Towel-Laying Maverick Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton Beverly HillsIf you haven’t already noticed, paparazzi like to ask celebrities a wide variety of strange questions.

Usually, they relate to a current movie or music project, or a scandal related to them or an acquaintance. Or sometimes, they just ask about tattoos and period sex.

While following Sling Blade/soul patch legend Billy Bob Thornton, a reporter for TMZ said “It’s Valentine’s Day, you’re happy, you’re about to be with your lady, you’re excited but she’s on, on her thing, are you still going in or…?”

Billy Bob hesitantly answered, “Oh, Gosh. Well, normally I don’t divulge that kind of information, but I’ve never been shy.” 

Musician, writer, director, actor, fearless period-slayer puts a towel down ‘cuz it ain’t that serious.

2 thoughts on “Shark Week Sex Never Off Limits for Towel-Laying Maverick Billy Bob Thornton

  1. Shark week!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best euphemism for lady bleeding, EVER. And mad props for checking the TUPAC of our time, Young Real Nigga’s opus song, “Real Niggaz Don’t Care About No Periods!”

    You got the grip gurl…


    1. I thought I came up with “shark week” a few years ago, but then noticed that a few other people were using it and figured they heard it from some other like-minded Albert Einstein of our generation.

      Somebody like you, me, Young Real Nigga, and the guy harmonizing about Facebook whackage.


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