Los Angeles Police Say it’s Safe to Drink a Liquified Dead Body

Cecil Hotel corpseRemember that movie about the family that moves into the apartment building, and as soon as they go to brush their teeth all these ghosts fly out of the faucet? And the ghosts are like “You should move.”

Then you learn that the dead body of a young girl was floating in the water tank the whole time? It was called Dark Water…

Well, police would like you to believe that drinking corpse water is completely safe.

Last week, workers at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles discovered the body of a Canadian woman at the bottom of one of the building’s water tanks after guests complained to the front desk about poor water pressure.

Authorities said they did not discover live illness-causing bacteria, and the water was totally safe to drink regardless of the pesky dead body that had been marinating in it for almost an entire month.

Thankfully, the Department of Public Health disagreed, issuing a no-drink order that disallows the Cecil from letting anything but toilet water flow in their rooms.

The next time you see this particular establishment as a booking option on Hotwire, go for Chateau Marmont instead, which is haunted only by the ghost of Lindsay Lohan.

Click here to read more about the Cecil’s haunted past/ties to convicted rapist Richard Ramirez

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