Funny Video: I Wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum

Jamie Foxx proved himself the biggest celebrity Channing Tatum fan on Sunday during Jimmy Kimmel’s after the Oscars special. The White House Down co-stars appeared on the show following the debut of the Movie: The Movie: 2V trailer starring everyone from Bruno Mars to Oprah.

“I went from being a slave to the president,” Foxx said of the time between Django and the new secret service action flick, adding, “I have not had that many women call me to try to be on a set in my life.”
Channing Tatum piano
“I just love working with Channing. And you say his name and it feels euphoric. ‘Channing Tatum,’ it’s like Aloha. It means hello and goodbye,” he said before approaching the piano.

Part one of the interview HERE. Part two HERE.  Movie: The Movie: 2V HERE.

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