Jennifer Lawrence needs to shut up

Jennifer Lawrence crazyOn the heels of winning her Oscar for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence confessed to E! she was feeling a little blue (Mystique pun totally unintentional).

“I want to sit on my couch and drink and not change my pants for days at a time,” she told me on the Oscars red carpet. “Don’t ask me about my schedule because I’m sinking into a bit of depression.

What’s troubling her seems to be all the work she has lined up over the next few months. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Not only did she win the top honor an actor can hope to achieve (HA!), she has a steady stream of income for the near future. That’s more than most people who go to her movies can say.

Why do big name actors feel the need to bitch about getting paid ungodly sums of money to make believe? Not to degrade the skill involved in the trade (DOUBLE HA!), but do you really expect sympathy from us? Shut the fuck up about your so-called problems.

Your job is to look pretty and dance around like the trained monkey you are. If you’re rich and famous and you can’t find a way to make yourself happy, you’re doing something incredibly wrong.

Try remembering what it’s like to have real world problems when you get a mic shoved in your face and you’re not feeling 100%. You ass.

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence needs to shut up

  1. That’s pretty fucked up. Any professional worth their salt often looks at their schedule and can be depressed – yes, actually depressed – about how daunting it is, no matter how much they get paid. You may think she’s a trained monkey, but she’s a human being.


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