Father of the Year to Luis Rivera For Exploiting Son on YouTube

Lil Poopy clubThere are bad parents out there, I know. There are parents who miss childhood milestones like graduations and dance recitals. There are parents who buy their kids liquor and let them throw huge parties at their houses because they want to be more of a friend to their children than an actual guardian. Some parents, I think, see children as more of an accessory than anything else. These are bad parents.

Then we have your terrible, god awful, I-can’t-believe-the-doctor-didn’t-sterilize-you-after-he-found-out-you-were-pregnant parents. These are the ones who obviously don’t give a shit about their kids.

You have your Joe Jacksons, your Kris Jenners, your Casey Anthonys. Now, you can add Luis Rivera, Sr. to that list. 

He’s the latest in a long line of assholes who has exploited his offspring for financial gain. The only difference this time? The police are actually investigating him for child abuse and neglect. Maybe there is hope for humanity.

Adults in a crowd cheer the 9-year-old on as he is in a simulated sex situation with a female on a dance floor. People throw dollar bills at the child. A man can be seen telling the fourth-grader to slap the female, who is bent over, on the buttocks. She then gyrates against Rivera, and lifts the boy’s shirt.

Did I mention the child in question is 9 years old? Not even in fucking double digits and his dad is pimping him out to pay his bills. What the fuck is wrong with society? Why are we sexualizing children? I thought pedophilia was illegal. Or did I miss something?

I hope this jackass gets his kids taken away and is forcibly castrated by the court. Then killed. Then maybe his son can get some real damn parenting.

One thought on “Father of the Year to Luis Rivera For Exploiting Son on YouTube

  1. The writing in this article made me feel smart, thanks for the free help. Now I don’t have to see my therapist tonight.


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