Samberg, Timberlake, Aykroyd and Martin Blow Their Loads on ‘SNL’

It's a date snlAndy Samberg was greeted with hoots and hollers from the audience when he returned to the Saturday Night Live stage for a dating show skit with host, musical guest, and fictional husband Justin Timberlake.

“It’s a Date,” the follow-up to “Dick in a Box,” “Motherlover,” and “3-Way (The Golden Rule),” paired the sleazy R&B crooners with iconic foreign “wild and crazy guys” Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd. The duos competed for the affection of a woman who ends up blowing off the one normal contestant (Bobby Moynihan) for a tryst with all four socially inept horndogs. 

The show began with Justin as Elton, later transitioning into a monologue with veterans Alec Baldwin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Paul Simon and Candice Bergen welcoming Timberlake to the exclusive Five Timer’s Club.
Justin timberlake tofu
Later, a date with singing Samberg, then pig sex, music (“Mirrors” is SO much better than “Suit & Tie”), mullets and a clear nod to Jessica at the end…

Timberlake’s signature [bring it on down to] “Veganville” was appreciated for familiarity, and it’s easy to overlook the literal meatlessness of the song parody lyrics when he’s giving 100% to the delivery and manic dancing. (Harder to overlook the Harlem Shake.)
Moet and Chandon
If you only watch one skit, make it “Moet & Chandon” with word-slurring, champagne-peddling former porn stars played by Cecily Strong (my new favorite cast member) and (“Hey y’all, it’s me, Miley Cyrus”) Vanessa Bayer.

Second most laugh-worthy had to be “Nuva Bling,” an advertisement where women insert customized diamond birth control rings into their vaginas.
Nuva Bling
(70% effective at preventing non-Timberlake pregnancy, 100% effective at getting dat swag on.)

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