Laughter Emitted During Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation’ Trailer Will Tip You Over

Temptation sex sceneWant to know my favorite thing about the Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor trailer besides the title, Kim Kardashian’s acting, and the use of  “Love The Way You Lie?”

…Definitely the line where the woman says “He gonna take you straight to hell,” though I am partial to Kim’s “We have a standard to uphold” and “The largest social media inventor since Zuckerberg.”

I first saw an ad for this Tyler Perry play-turned-movie, about a married woman (Friday Night Lights‘ Jurnee Smollett-Bell) who cheats on her neglectful, football-watching husband with and elf-earred rich guy, on Christmas Day before Les Miserables. 

It was pretty much a sold-out showing of Les Mis, and the audience was voicing all my thoughts with their hooting and hollering. One particularly excited man audibly yelled “Oh girl, you should be ashamed.” (I still don’t know if he meant the Kardashian, the cheater or Brandy.)

I blame Fifty Shades. And women. And the guy I hired to break Tyler Perry’s script-writing fingers.

Trailer best served over Boones Farm, with a side of Levitra and Whip-Its.

What do you think?

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