Alcohol Made a 42-Year-Old Titans Cheerleader Confuse a 12-Year-Old Boy With a Full-Grown Man

Elizabeth Leigh Garner mugshot If you still believe in beer goggles – the effect of alcohol making people more attractive – then do you also believe booze could transform a child into a man right before your eyes? I say, yes to beer goggles, NO to the pedophile-friendly excuse.

In light of recent cases involving male rapists in India, Ohio, and Connecticut and here to remind us that women be also be creepy, predatory bastards, cheerleader Elizabeth Leigh Garner is being charged with sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for rape of a child after offering to perform oral sex on a 12-year-old boy at his home in Murfreesboro.

42-year-old Garner, who cheered for the Tennessee Titans until 2009, told a detective that she “got the boy confused with a man who also at the residence” because she was intoxicated. 

The boy managed to escape before anything physical occurred, and she admitted to asking him if he’d “ever been with a woman.” She faces eight years in jail.

What do you think?

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