Spring Breakers’ Box Office Bomb: Why Onscreen Butts Don’t Equal Butts in the Seats

Spring Breakers ButtsSpring Breakers‘ $5 million, 6th place weekend box office spot isn’t exactly a loss. The hypersexualized movie, directed by Kids co-writer Harmony Korine, only cost $2 million to make.

It was also surprisingly well-reviewed by some (even Richard Roeper is a perv), with a slightly higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes than The Croods. Others called it “racist” and “thoughtless.”

Five million does however seem very low considering the amount of hype and advertising Spring Breakers received. Sort of reminds me of another flick that promised lots of sexiness and hidden statements about human behavior and culture… 

You all remember Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried?

Unlike Breakers, Jennifer’s Body was intentionally funny and not penned by a drugged-out lunatic with an ass fetish. Diablo Cody praise aside, the numbers do match. Megan Fox as a cursed teen with an unquenchable thirst for both jocks and emo outcasts came in at #5 and made about $7 million.

Kristen Stewart Dakota Fanning The RunawaysAnother odd case: The Runaways with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Buzzed-about for nearly a year and featuring a controversial sex scene, the story of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie suffered because the studio seemed to lack faith in its ability to succeed in wide release.

Only seen in 250 theaters, The Runaways made a mere $3.5 million and came in 18th at the box office.

Is it possible that movie-goers need at least some semblance of a plot? (No, because… Transformers.) And is there such a thing as too much sex? James Franco’s grandma doesn’t think so.

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5 thoughts on “Spring Breakers’ Box Office Bomb: Why Onscreen Butts Don’t Equal Butts in the Seats

  1. I’m sure that, whoever you are, your opinions must garner much more widespread respect and acclaim in the industry than someone like Richard Roeper, whom you’ve chosen to refer to as “a perv.” Referring to Korine as “a drugged out lunatic with an ass fetish” also speaks volume about your professionalism.

    I’ve becoming increasingly mystified by people who feel the need to attack projects simply based on the fact that other people got something of value from them, when they didn’t. It’s interesting to me how the people that I know who actually make films (yes, many professionally with much larger budgets than this film had) felt that it was mind blowing. They see it for what it is. It sounds like a cliche cop-out, but you didn’t get the point at all, which is clear based on your own admittance to that fact. So, it’s possible that you’re “right,” by feeling that it’s terrible and explaining what it’s really about. Yet, somehow, I enjoyed the film and actually got something completely different out of it than anything that you mention. Does mainstream culture want a plot? Yes, they do. They want a film to tell them what’s happening in the most overt fashion possible. They want some sort of meaning in their own lives and they want a clear moral to go home with like a doggy bag from a restaurant, or a cheap Empire State Building statue souvenir. The reality is that life doesn’t work that way, no matter how many timelines we create. At least scrap books tend to be more representative of moments, which is the way that life actually operates. It’s a series of moments and experiences. Korine has provided an alternate method of delivering a film, one that is a genuine experience, that we interpret. If there is no plot and nothing but imagery, then whatever twisted storyline, purpose, intentions, or plot that you derive from it, is coming from your own response to that imagery and what you’ve determined that it represents. The calls are coming from within the house. If you got lost in the mix, you might want to decipher which character type you identified with the most, because, while you seem to think that those who enjoyed it, did so because they endorse violent irresponsible behavior, and the lack of responsibility for their actions, or how they affect or exploit others, I feel that it’s the exact opposite. I left identifying with myself, because I was the one willing to take that journey and have a personal experience with the material. Something that I not only felt was enthralling, but rewarding, as well.


    1. I didn’t see Spring Breakers, but your opinion (that it’s great) is no more or less valid than mine (that it looks terrible). That’s why it’s called an opinion.

      You love it? Great. Watch it a million times.


      1. Woah! You never even saw it?! That must be the “twist.”

        My opinion is actually substantially more valid than yours, if you’re making snide comments and critiques about something that you have absolutely no reference of. It’s a bold move to slander a well respected critic, essentially making judgements on his assessments and moral fiber, when you haven’t even witnessed the very film that he’s basing his analysis on. I thought that your comments were based on legitimate disgust, rather than just intended to be snarky quips in lieu of actual critical evaluation, even the slightest “knowledge” about what you’re talking about, or actual substance. This “article” is misleading, because nobody would assume that someone wold be so brash as to make unfounded accusations without some sort of valid motivation. And yes, these aren’t just “opinions,” they are accusations. Why even write this if you have no idea what you’re writing about? Why even write anything? To see your name on the internet?

        My apologies, I stumbled upon this post by accident and thought that this was an actual website with genuine film critics for a moment, rather than just a sham of a wordpress blog. I should have pieced it together after reading the first sentence. I definitely missed the fact that this is a site dedicated to “gossip.”

        The irony of you mentioning that there have been claims of prejudice in this film is overwhelming.


      2. The article is about how Spring Breakers did at the box office. It’s not a review. Perhaps you missed that because of your eye patch.

        P.S. Give me your address so I can mail you the award for Most Pretentious Commenter.


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