Funny Video: Justin Timberlake Plays Drunk Mini-Golf on The Jonathan Ross Show

First it was Justin Timberweek, then Timbermonth, now 2013 is officially Justin Timberyear! Yesterday, the internet continued the prince of pop’s reign of musical anti-terrorism with a video of his visit to The Jonathan Ross Show from last month, before SNL and his album’s release.

Charm and hilarity (and one Michael Caine impression) ensued when Ross pulled out a couple of shot glasses and a bottle of Timberlake’s 901 tequila. 
Justin Timberlake shots Five shots and several rounds of “What Goes Around… Comes Around” miniature golf later and they’re visibly sloshed. (Joss Stone and some other randoms were there too, pre-booze.)

What do you think?

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