Tilda Swinton is Living, Breathing Art

Tilda Swinton MoMAA good four years before her big break in 1999’s The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda “The Freak” Swinton was acting in small roles and participating in performance art.

The Serpentine Gallery in London was the first to see Swinton’s “The Maybe,” where she lays silently in a glass box with nothing but some cushions and a jug of water.

Tilda Swinton The Maybe On Friday, the androgynous Scottish actress resurrected her act at the Museum of Modern Art (commonly known as MoMA) in NYC. The semi-genius part of “The Maybe” is that Swinton and the museum will not announce when she will be appearing there.
Tilda Swinton performance art It could be anytime this year, and she could be anywhere in the museum! I suggest you lucky New Yorkers clear your schedules and dip into your “tattoo money” jar for the $25 admission fee.

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