JWoww’s Going to Look Like Big Ang From ‘Mob Wives’ When She’s Older…

Big Ang bikiniBig-breasted frog Big Ang of VH1’s sometimes-hilarious Mob Wives (also starring Snooki’s favorite throaty bad girl, Drita d’Avanzo) took a bikini beach romp in Fort Lauderdale, Florida earlier this week, reminding us all that she is JWoww 25 years and several tummy tucks later.

We all saw Jenni Farley’s plastic transformation from regular girl-with-boob-job to “Wow, something is wrong with your face but I can’t quite put my finger on it” between season one and six of Jersey Shore, but at least her stomach is intact, for now.

Big Ang (born Angela Raiola in 1960) has the type of belly button that can only be achieved after an abdominoplasty or two…

I call it the Eye of Sauron. Or sometimes, Voldemort’s nostrils. (See Octomom.
Big Ang belly buttonJwoww black bikini
Watch out, Jenni. We all see your future and it ain’t pretty.

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