Princess Diana Dressed in Drag and Frank Sinatra Hated Orgies

Princess Diana in dragIn weird news that could either ruin or make you love American and England’s deceased sweethearts more – Frank Sinatra was not into group sex, Sammy Davis Jr. was bi, and Princess Diana dressed up in drag with Freddie Mercury.

In a Gene-Hackman-in-The-Birdcage moment, Diana, Princess of Wales, avoided a media frenzy in the late 80’s by dressing like “a nice young man with pert buttocks,” according to comedian Cleo Rocos.

Rocos, Kenny Everett and Queen Freddie Mercury were able to snag drinks at a tavern in London because they tossed an army jacket, a hat and sunglasses on Diana so she could go unnoticed. (Oh the things you didn’t need to – but probably wanted to – know.)

Possibly more scandalous, but unrelated: Canadian teen idol Paul Anka has written a book called My Way, apparently about all the steam rooms he canvassed with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

From TMZ:

He says massage rooms were set aside should any of the guys want to sneak away with one of the girls … but Anka says Sinatra was not into gangbangs.

The book also mentions a time when Sammy Davis Jr. “confided in him about his bisexuality.”

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