LEAVE OMAROSA ALONE: Reality Star Accused of Being ‘Fixated’ on Michael Clarke Duncan’s Money

Omarosa crying I wouldn’t normally speak ill of a family who recently suffered a loss, but in the case of Michael Clarke Duncan’s sister, I might have to make an exception.

Judy Duncan claims that her brother’s fiancé, TV villain Omarosa Manigault, was “fixated” on his money when he was on life support and that he was not of “sound mind” when he changed his will to make her the main beneficiary.

To sum it up, ol’ Judy wanted more than the $100,000 Michael, who passed away in fall of 2012, left her.

I’m tired of the misconception that Omarosa is a gold-digging bitch of an attention whore. Instead, I call upon you to think of her as a professional reality show villain.

Yes, Omarosa became a Celebrity Apprentice contestant and Surreal Life cast member after competing on regular Apprentice, but she’s also a well-educated business woman, specializing in broadcast journalism and communications. 

It’s insensitive and disheartening to accuse her of using Duncan for his money, not to mention insane.

People like La Toya Jackson (who said she “probably pulled the cord”) and Judy Duncan can’t possibly think that Omarosa went to college for years and worked as a consultant for Al Gore just so she could eventually stalk and steal from a dying Michael Clarke Duncan.

They met in a Whole Foods by chance in 2010. She saved his life with CPR when he first had a heart attack. She’s not a murderer. It’s easy to see who the true attention whores are. End of story.

3 thoughts on “LEAVE OMAROSA ALONE: Reality Star Accused of Being ‘Fixated’ on Michael Clarke Duncan’s Money

  1. Understand this you are a fool. You know nothing, save holding up the unrighteousness of a snake. You could use your forum for good bur you choose to demean a woman taking care of Mike’s sick mother. Research is a virtue and you exercise the opposite. Time will she’d light on your fucker and you will be discredited as a non journalist. I’ve seen your type plenty of times, and once your moves can no longer advance – as you are indeed nothing more than a pawn – you will be cast aside and thrown away. Prepare for the inevitable.


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