Would You Try a Recipe From ‘The Semen Bartender’s Handbook?’

Semen cocktails bookNatural Harvest author Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer is taking advantage of how weird people are with his new book, Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbookon shelves March 3, 2013.

In an interview with SF Weekly, Photenhauer wonders why semen, as food, is any weirder than yogurt. Wording like “People eat all kinds of weird sh*t” and “at least it’s fresh” tells us that he basically did this because he’s bored.

I’ve heard of people incorporating sperm into their diet or beauty regime, but I’m just not a big enough fan of literal or metaphorical oyster shooters to order a “Slightly Saltier Caviar” or a “Watermelon Gin Jizz.”

If you are interested in drinks with gobs of what might as well be mucus from a person with a very aggressive chest cold OR you just want a killer white elephant gift, this is the thing for you.
Sperm cocktail 1Macho Mojito
Head over to cookingwithcum.com for Galliano Cum Shot and Macho Mojito recipes. My fav:

Gradually whisk small amounts of powdered sugar into melted semen until it reaches a creamy airy consistency. Taste frequently to achieve the perfect sweet and salty balance.

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