The Guy Who Played Fitch in ‘American Pie’ Has VERY Questionable Taste in Real-Life Women

Eddie Kaye Thomas American ReunionYou know Eddie Kaye Thomas exclusively as Fitch, the guy who seduced Stifler’s mom in American Pie.

Thomas made the news this week after a woman he met at a diner slept over at his house, became dissatisfied, pulled a knife on him and refused to leave his home in Hollywood Hills.

Kaye’s bad judgment cost the police five and a half hours of their time, plus flash grenades and tear gas.

First mistake: not frisking her at the door. Next time you’re thinking about having a one night stand, pat them down. Pretend it’s a game. You’re the SWAT team and she’s the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Consider distributing a multiple choice examination to test your potential partner’s mental state. Lastly, look into her eyes. The window to the crazy. (Click here for a photo of the woman.)

What do you think?

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