Rihanna Calls a Toddler her ‘N*gga,’ Goes Topless on Instagram for the Trillionth Time

Rihanna topless instagram 2013 A small portion of Rihanna’s fans became upset after their blunty Bajan queen referred to a young boy as her “lil’ nigga” over the 4/20 weekend.

I’ve never minded the use of the word by black men or women. I also don’t care if Jewish Americans or members of the Hispanic community make fun of themselves in what could be considered a derogatory way. To me, it’s all like calling yourself fat. You can do it. Other people can’t.

That being said, she’s calling someone else that, and it’s a child.

Maybe only old white fogies consider things like this controversial. Maybe I’m too liberal for not caring. Who knows.

On to other things conservative crackers frown upon. Rihanna posed topless on Instagram prior to a concert in Atlanta, which isn’t news at all. (Text me when she breaks out the burka.)

What do you think?

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