Video: 30 Seconds To Mars – “Up In The Air”

Art snob Jared Leto is back with the pop/emo music he shirtlessly peddles as grand and epic atop a giant mountain of women to distract from it actually being a parody of Inception.

“Up In The Air,” the latest short film by 30 Seconds To Mars, has Dita Von Teese, ex-wife of Marilyn Manson, writhing around on a bucking bar bull made out of a pink couch.
Jared Leto shirtless up in the air 2Jared Leto Shirtless Up In The air
The usual zebras, acrobatics and shaking skin follow Von Teese’s fifty shades of chaise lounge action.
Dita Von Teese up in the air
Several years ago I saw them open for Audioslave, and Jared Leto walked through the crowd but I was in the stands so no, I didn’t touch him or get a chance to tell him what a good Steve Prefontaine he made.
Jared Leto model Up in the air

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