Gawker Temporarily Removes Hulk Hogan Sex Tape at Judge’s Request, Keeps Article

Hulk Hogan sex tapeOn behalf of everyone at Gawker, editor John Cook wrote that they are refusing to remove their Hulk Hogan sex tape post based on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution: freedom of motherf*cking speech.

Yesterday a judge in Florida officially ordered them to take down the video (and they did, pending the appeal) and the entire 1,400-word article describing it.

Even though Hogan himself requested the video be taken down after it was leaked by a still unknown source in late 2012, Gawker attorney Gregg Thomas wisely made a case for the actual article.

Cook argues that it doesn’t matter how “dumb” or “frivolous” it is, because the Constitution allows Americans to “publish true things about public figures.” 

The portion of the order compelling us to remove the entirety of Daulerio’s post—his words, his speech—is grossly unconstitutional. We won’t take it down.

Hell no you won’t. What kind of nazi asks to have words removed from the internet?

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