Emma Stone to Rock a Bowler Hat in ‘Cabaret’?

Emma Stone Vogue 2012 hatEntertainment Wise is reporting that Emma Stone might make her Broadway debut as Sally Bowles in the next production of Cabaret alongside veteran Alan Cumming, a role previously thought to have been offered to Anne Hathaway.

Stone does have a little musical theatre background and has been known to bust a move (mostly in a comedic context), but I have no idea if she’ll make a good Sally Bowles or not.

It’s very hard to imagine her doing a bad job at anything. At the very least, her performance would be charming.

I’ve always been a bitterbush about not being able to go to Broadway plays, but I’d rather live in Susan Boyle’s armpit than a city as big as New York. So, there’s that.

Stone would of course have to wear crazy black everything (hooker boots, garters, Charlie Chaplin hat, and enough sequins to drown a nest of Texan Polygamists) and dance like Walter White’s best customer.

Actresses of Cabaret Past: Liza Minelli in the 1972 film, Judi Dench ( 1968), and Natasha Richardson (1998)
Actresses of Cabaret Past: Liza Minnelli (1972), Judi Dench (1968), and Natasha Richardson (1998)

I’m imagining that Lea Michele just bought a red-haired voodoo doll after hearing this news. Or is that just her character in Glee? I have a lot of trouble separating the two.

Just for fun, here’s Stone dancing behind Tim McGraw for Ellen’s Dance Dare.
And her singing Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” on VH1’s In Search of The Partridge Family.

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