Billy Corgan Thinks Rock Music of Today Sucks (And He’s Not Wrong)

Billy Corgan confusedLast standing Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan journeyed deep into the land of pretentious toolbags when he said that he’d rather listen to Bach than modern music, but he does have a point. The former “friend” of Courtney Love and Jessica Simpson says he purposefully keeps himself out of the music loop due to it all sounding like the same heartless, whistling pile of steamy cow poo.

“I just don’t hear as much progress in rock and roll as I once did,” he told Compass Magazine. “So rather than get frustrated or feel like I have to take a position, it’s almost better to just kind of be ignorant.”

“I mean it’s easier to listen to Bach,” he continued. “It’s timeless. And maybe that’s my biggest critique of modern music – it somehow seems the same every year. I will literally go into a coffee shop and I can’t tell you if it was from eight years ago or it just came out because somehow Bono must have had 10,000 children and they all ‘wo, wo, wo’ through the chorus.” 

That last part is my favorite. And so true, Bono’s offspring – Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, fun., and The Lumineers – are wo wo wooing inside a dumpster that the heroin-addicted singers of the ’90s wouldn’t rummage through in their darkest, most strung-out moments.

The majority of well-known “rock bands” of today are actually making pop music that is no more or less unique than Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.”

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