Video: Tegan and Sara – “I Was A Fool”

Canadian Indie darlings Tegan and Sara recently changed their entire sound, replacing folky guitar tracks with sweet piano ballads like “I Was A fool” and synth anthems like “Closer.”

Straight pop music felt like the obvious evolutionary step after The Con, Sainthood and the two appearances (“Video” and “Body Work”) on Morgan Page’s electronic album, In The Air.
Mae Whitman I was a fool still
At first I strongly disliked half of the songs on Heartthrob. Now I love almost all of them. This new single, with a video featuring Parenthood star  Mae Whitman, happens to be one of the best. 

Still reeling from a break-up with a guy or girl named Sidney, Whitman’s character liberates herself by burning photos of her ex and hurling their old records, or shards of them, off the balcony.

The Quin twins look forlorn in the background, leaning against things.
Tegan I Was A Fool

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