These ‘Healed’ Snake Bite Photos Are Still Traumatizing

Steve Rankin 1You may have seen Man Vs. Wild producer Steve Rankin‘s highly disturbing snake bite photo the other day. Well, the image tweeted by Bear Grylls now has an explanation and two sequels.

Rankin wrote that the snake, a Fer-de-Lance pit viper, lunged at him from under a fallen tree, poisoning him through his boot.

 “It took about 2 hours to get to hospital. I hobbled, was carried and choppered to San Jose. Lucky it was so quick,” he said after someone on Twitter asked about his treatment.

Here’s the first, gross-yet-fascinating post-surgery photo of his zombie foot: 
Man Vs Wild foot
Caption: “@BearGrylls thanks Bear for your good wishes. Slightly less gruesome pic post surgery.”

And the second, much less gross (but still gross) photo of the “successful” skin graft:
Steve Rankin foot
Caption: “Here’s one for the gore fans. The flesh has just started to necrotise and ooze a bit. Day 6.”

(Via Deadspin and @Steve_Rankin)

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