Hacker Group Busts Into E!’s Twitter, Writes That Justin Bieber is Gay

Justin Bieber is so gayE! Online‘s Twitter feed was taken over Saturday afternoon by The Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker group who took over AP’s account in April to trick users into believing the White House was under attack.

This time they covered the lighter topic of Justin Bieber‘s sexuality, writing that the pop star had come out as a gay boy and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was fully supportive of the decision.

“E online’s breaking news twitter and sms accounts were compromised today,” the company said in a statement after a momentary suspension. “We’re working to have this resolved as quickly as possible and are fully investigating the incident.”

It’s too bad this isn’t true. I could see myself being friends with gay Justin hair-flipping and temper tantruming his way through LAX. Straight JB taking endless shirtless selfies, not so much.

Justin bieber gay tweets
(Via Variety and Mashable)

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