Chris Cuomo Didn’t Go ‘EZ’ on Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox CNNPoor Amanda Knox. She’s been through the ringer. Wrongly painted by the press as a drugged-out hussy with a fondness for Satanic orgies, Knox spent four years in Italian prison after she was convicted of stabbing her roommate to death because of incompetent police officers who had no evidence and did not follow proper (or legal) protocol.

Almost worse than being falsely told she was HIV positive in jail by pervs who wanted details about her sex life: the recent string of American interviews she’s subjected herself to.

The worst of ALL interviews was conducted by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who didn’t ask, but TOLD Knox that she was “into some freaky sexual things.” (Because that’s relevant.) 

Cuomo then ASKED “Were you into deviant sex?” admitting, but not caring, that the question was insensitive. “I was sexually active,”  she replied angrily. “I was not sexually deviant.”

Afterwards, he wrote “It wasn’t ez to see and Amanda deal with some of what is put against her” on Twitter.

It’s almost like one of his multiple personalities is an overly impulsive and hormonal teenage boy.

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