Colbert’s Book Club With Carey Mulligan is Greater Than Any Gatsby

Stephen Colbert Carey MulliganStephen and The Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan pretended not to have read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic [not-so-great] American novel on Thursday’s Colbert Report.

Mulligan admits that she doesn’t know how to read at all and suddenly, the Reading Rainbow theme plays (which would bring back memories if you were my age) and LeVar Burton shows up. He uses words they still don’t understand, gets annoyed and puts his Star Trek glasses on Mulligan.

My day is officially made.

Everything Carey Mulligan does it adorable. Whether she’s acting in sad organ donor movies or talking about how her awkward kissing scene with Johnny Depp was cut of out of Public Enemies. Adorable.

Final random note – I JUST found out a few days ago that Baz Luhrmann isn’t gay. He’s married to some woman named Catherine. I feel oddly betrayed by this news and had to share. 

Mulligan: Stephen, I only get my part of the script. And you shoot movies out-of-order! I can never figure out the plot.

Colbert: Why don’t you just look at the script?
Carey Mulligan Star Trek Glasses
Mulligan: I can’t read.

Colbert: I don’t believe that. What does this say? [Holds up copy of The Great Gatsby].

Mulligan: The happy banana?

Colbert: But you seem so smart!

Mulligan: It’s the English accent. It makes all of us seem smart.

Colbert: Then how do you learn you lines?

Mulligan: I don’t. They use the same trick they do in the talking dog movies. They rub peanut butter on the roof of my mouth and then when I’m trying to lick it off they dub in James Franco.

Actual final note: Martin Gore of Depeche Mode isn’t gay either. Or says he isn’t. Was also married to a woman. Ugh. All the good ones are gay until you find out they’re straight and it’s too late.

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