Naked-For-Pay Teenage Mother Farrah Abraham Teaches a Valuable Lesson on Depression

Farrah Abraham sex tapeForget that incredibly meaningful and touching blog post by Allie Brosh about detachment! Porn sex tape star Farrah Abraham also knows a thing or two about depression.

“I have no relationships and I’m like, sad sometimes. So, taking all that into consideration, which some find it hard to, that’s what brought me here today,” she told Entertainment Tonight after being asked why she made a porno sex tape. “I felt this was my way of embracing my sexuality and being happy for me.”

She continued to say that she only took meetings with adult entertainment companies and released the porn tape herself because she was afraid the porn star she hired to bone her on camera (James Deen) was going to leak it without her permission.

Backdoor Teen Mom was viewed 2 million times in 12 hours, officially blowing Kim Kardashian’s record out of the water. (Because Vivid keeps tracks of these things, like Box Office Mojo, with more penises.)

When ET’s Brooke Anderson compared her to Kim she said this:

I only want to be a positive influence and show positive things.

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