‘The Sims’ Capitalize on the GoT Dragon Craze

The Sims game of thrones
Because Game of Thrones is on tonight, here’s a look at the new Sims 3 Dragon Valley expansion.

Anyone with eyes and ears can see that EA is cashing in on the GoT lovefest. Maybe it was the blonde short-haireed Khaleesi in the trailer, or the long-haired one in the promotional photo.

Maybe it was the red and green BABY DRAGONS that singe your hair and paint you soot black.

(That actually looks way more like Holly Madison at a renaissance faire.) 

I used to play Maxis games all day and night. Nothing made my grade school friends laugh more than that “ooh la la” sound the animals in SimLife made when they procreated…

I just haven’t picked one up in awhile. I mean. There’s this thing called a console that tends to distract me.
The sims dragon valley
Nothing wrong with computer games, but in the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

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