‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Janet Hubert Rages at Aisha Tyler For Uttering Her Name

Aisha Tyler The Talk Aunt Viv
Apparently hell hath no fury like a washed-up actress scorned. Remember Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? She was funny/good right? And it did kind of suck when she was replaced in season 4 by the less good, suspiciously lighter-skinned Daphne Reid.

Well, the great and powerful Janet Hubert, also known as Aunt Viv 1.0, is still absolutely furious at Will Smith and everyone else who worked on Fresh Prince for having her replaced. She’s also furious at anyone who talks about her on television. Like Wendy Williams, who dared to ask her guest, former FP star Tatyana Ali, about Aunt Viv 2.0 in March.

Hubert wrote a livid letter scolding Wendy for berating her fictional parenting skills, hinting that she felt especially betrayed because they’re both black women who should have each other’s backs.

Recently, Hubert managed to get herself in the news again by giving an interview to Omg! Insider about how demonized, crucified and beaten up she felt. (Kissing Will Smith’s ass wasn’t in her contract.)

Aunt viv Omg insider michael yo
Finally getting to my point, the ladies of The Talk discussed it, because that’s what they get paid to do, and while all five collectively decided that Hubert’s non-ability to stop living in the past is sad, Hubert decided to target nerd goddess/actress/comedian/author Aisha Tyler, who pointed out that it’s ridiculous for her to demand an apology from Will Smith for the sake of his kids because they’re already both more famous than her and probably have no idea who she is.

Hubert, unsurprisingly enraged by Tyler’s comments (especially enraged because Aisha is also black, and light-skinned like her nemesis, Daphne Reid?), called her out using Facebook.

“Yo, weave woman, your comments were not appreciated. You are not funny in the least,” she wrote. “You know some people, and so do I. Remember that. You can be replaced quicker than I was.”

Aisha, totally above feuding with out-of-work bitches from crazytown, made a pretend face of shock in the follow-up episode of The Talk, saying again that it’s “sad” that she’s still so angry and bitter about something that happened 20 years ago.
Fresh Prince aunt viv dancing gif
“She called me ‘weave woman,’ this is not a weave, thank you very much,” Tyler said. “She’s gorgeous and talented and she should move on with her life.”

Then Sara [Gilbert] made a weave joke, Sharon continued to wonder who the hell this “aunt lady” is, while Sheryl Underwood stepped up to the honesty plate, calling it all “hot bubbling garbage.”

“I hate to see two sisters fighting each other, you know … What she need to do is back the hell of Aisha,” Underwood said, humorously adding that she needs to call her so they can “squash” it.

Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton) has said in his stand-up routine that Hubert had to be fired because her behavior ruined the cast’s “family” dynamic and turned all the smiles into frowns.

3 thoughts on “‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Janet Hubert Rages at Aisha Tyler For Uttering Her Name

  1. Aisha Tyler is a stuck up unfunny woman who is outspoken and self righteous. Sheryl Underwood lacks empathy, and thinks her smart assed comments are funny as well! I watched The Talk from Day 1, but those 2 actually forced me to boycot the show for 2 seasons. I did resume watching in 2014 because I decided to “forgive” their ignorance when I realized it wasn’t mature of me to stop watching when I clearly missed Julie, Sara and Sharon. Why should I allow Aisha and Sheryl the right to make choices for me? They were intimidating me and I couldn’t allow that. Janet Hubert was deeply hurt 30+ years ago by Will Smith and his show, and it was a “wound” that will never completely heal. It was very cavalier and underhanded of Aisha and Sheryl to resurface this wound and they should be adult enough to see that! An apology is really not necessary because it would do “no good” at this point. Aisha, you will find that no dirty deed goes unpunished. One day you will go to far. You will be hurt and it will be interesting to see how many people truly do (not) reach out to support you. As for Sheryl laughing about the entire thing, well, what can I say? I have no words. I know when it is time to just say, Nothing.


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