The Biggest Douche in Doucheville Cut Off His Pinky Finger

Jesse James finger Jesse James, the man famous for cheating on Sandra Bullock with nazi harlot Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, accidentally cut his pinky off today.

“My glove got caught into one of machines and took the finger off,” James told TMZ“They’re going to take a skin graft of the chunk of finger and then sew it back on.”

James, always the crowd-pleaser, posted three photos of his detached finger. (Click HERE and HERE.)

Good riddance. One down, ten to go. (It’s too bad his penis is unlikely to ever be near the chopping machine.)

I haven’t been this happy since Showtime cancelled Weeds. No. Not harsh enough. Since Gaddafi died? Hmm. Still not there. I think I need outside help.

What do you think?

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