‘Good Morning America’ Anchor Prevents Mariah Carey Wardrobe Malfunction

Mariah Carey Lisa SpencerI remember reading or watching an interview where Mariah Carey said she requires 12 or 13 hours of sleep. (This of course makes us kindred spirits.)

So Mariah didn’t maybe get her full 13 on not-so Good Morning America today and that caused her to swear on live TV. Nothing serious, just a little “Oh sh*t” as she was being introduced. Shortly after, the back of her Versace dress broke. In a true act of feminism, life-saving GMA anchor Lara Spencer held Mariah’s strap up so no one would see the goods. #WomenHelpingWomen

What a marvelous avoidance of disaster. Coincidence that this occurred almost three years after Nicki Minaj introduced us to her entire areola on the exact same show? I think not. 

Mariah may be annoying at times but she’s a goddamn legend who deserves respect for not talking in a fake voice 24/7 (Minaj) and looking like a gumball machine with t*ts (Minaj again).

Carey: “Okay both of them are out now. We don’t want them out … What shall we call this?”

Spencer: “I dare say this is a TV moment.”

Carey: “It seems like it’s several moments. It seems like a YouTube moment, possibly Spotify even.”

Spencer: “I’m going to try to focus on your eyes.”

Carey: “I know we have to start singing … Or hey, I’ll just hold ’em up the whole time.”
Mariah Carey American Idol gifMariah carey throws out pitch gif baseball gifNicki minaj rolling eyes gif face
(She either has no idea what Spotify is, or heard they were getting into the streaming video market.)

One thought on “‘Good Morning America’ Anchor Prevents Mariah Carey Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Malfunction is not clothing a part that is seen, surfacing from under cloth like a submarine, ,malfunction is not the cloth from shocked faces stare, shocked person malfunctions woman nude like a mare.


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