Abercrombie Sales Drop Attributed To CEO’s Controlling Boyfriend

Abercrombie CEO memeAbercrombie & Fitch have been sued and scrutinized over the years for discriminating against basically anyone who doesn’t look like Brad Pitt or Heather Locklear in their early 20’s.

CEO Mike Jeffries, 68, has been vocal about his dislike for the overweight and disfigured cave-dwellers of Wal-Mart, admitting in a 2006 interview that his company only caters to “cool, good-looking people.”

Since the exclusivity remarks’ recent surface, Jeffries, with his unsuccessful plastic surgery, has been hilariously compared to the kid from Mask, Sloth from Goonies and Gary Busey.

Hard to feel anything but elated that Jeffries and his minions are being forced to close nearly 200 of their U.S. stores over the next few years due to financial troubles. 

Executives blame this – and not their bosses’ attitude or irrelevant/overpriced clothes – on Jeffries’ longtime boyfriend, Matt Smith, who reportedly has way too much control despite not being an official employee.

From Buzzfeed:

Two former executives used the word “dangerous” when describing Smith, citing the fact that he is organizationally unaccountable if something were to go wrong with regard to a decision he’s made.

Behind every moron with a superiority complex, there’s a bitchy, controlling queen.
Mike Jeffries meme Gary Busey bees
Kim Kardashian has Kanye West, Eminem had Kim Mathers, Justin Bieber has his fans, and Mike Jeffries has Matthew Smith… Matches made in the ninth circle of hell.

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