Judith Hill Eliminated From ‘The Voice,’ Significantly Less Talented Swon Brothers Stay

Adam Levine crossing fingersThis week’s elimination episode of The Voice, season 4, drove me crazy. If you watch, you know I’m talking about Adam Levine’s entire team being kicked off in favor of Blake’s three country bumpkins.

An understandably pissed Adam was scrutinized for saying “I hate this country” in a moment of frustration after Judith Hill, a former mother*cking backup singer for Michael Jackson, was voted off by America.

Usher sported big-rimmed Michelle Chamuel (love her) glasses in support of his unlikely protégé and Shakira almost fainted when her only hope, Sasha Allen, was announced as safe.

The biggest injustice of Tuesday night had to be the non-elimination of the novelty duo The Swon Brothers, who I doubt will have much luck booking a concert at a bar with a $5 cover charge in a few years.

Team Adam’s Sarah Simmons, who sang a pretty decent cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” was also given the boot. Hand, meet face. Jaw, meet floor.

Adam Levine has since apologized for his comments about this country sucking. So let me say it again. This country sucks. Not all the time, and not because of meaningless television shows but for the general population’s chauvinistic opinions on rape, gay marriage and preventative, life-saving double mastectomies.

What do you think?

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