Khal Drogo Does a Sexy Polynesian Mating Dance

Jason Momoa shakaIt’s time to stop wondering what Jason Momoa does in his spare time besides getting into bar fights (yes, that’s a real scar) and marrying Lisa Bonet. TMZ has the answer…

In a new video acquired by Harvey Levin and his team of widespread camera-fondlers, we see our favorite Game of Thrones barbarian being the perfect example of physical perfection on the beach in Auckland, NZ.

Sadly, he’s not actually doing a mating dance. But it is a war dance now used by rugby players to intimate their opponents. And you know what happens after war. And rugby. (Shower sex?)

According to Wiki, the Haka is a traditional ancestral dance from the Māori people of New Zealand using the hands, arms legs, feet, eyes, voice and tongue to express courage. 

Interesting bit of trivia for the Thrones fans, Momoa did the Haka when he auditioned for the role of the now-deceased Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo, sun and stars to the Queen of Dragons.

“I’ve been fascinated with Maori culture since I was a kid,” the half-Hawaiian Momoa told “We come from the same [Polynesian] culture. When I found out more about the Maori culture I fell in love with it, and with the people too.”

“It’s very, very powerful, and I wanted to capture that. I just thought it was apt for the role because it’s beautiful and scary,” he said of the dance he did for the shirtless audition.

GoT joke: Why doesn’t George R. R. Martin use Twitter? …Because he killed all 140 characters.
Jason Momoa Haka dance
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