Trailer: Man of Steel

I have many fears about the new Man of Steel movie with Henry Cavill. For one, it’s Superman…

He flies around the earth without the help of a suit (Iron Man), webs (Spider-Man) or gadgets (Batman) wearing his underwear on the outside of his clothes like a child. Second, no one can recognize him without his glasses because he was created in 1933 when cheeseball sh*t like that was a commodity. (There’s a reason there isn’t an Aquaman movie outside of the fictional universe known as Entourage.)
superman skulls
It’s hard to realistically translate his story to film in 2013 because of all the flying, the glasses and the newspaper thing. People under the age of 50 do not read newspapers unless they’re doing heroin under a bridge and one just happens to be lying around.

Three, Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder, whose movies are famously easy on the eyes and way too easy on the brain. I’m still trying to wrap my head around him being allowed to direct after Sucker Punch without fingering everyone at Legendary and Warner Bros. We’ll finally be able to see how well of a babysitting job producer/co-writer Christopher Nolan did on Friday, when Man of Steel hits theaters.
Superman's junk
After this trailer, I’m thinking it could actually be really amazing, but too much hope is never a good thing.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s even as mediocre as Iron Man 3. (Why the f*ck didn’t Gwyneth’s hair light on fire when she turned into an impenetrable molten rage monster???

P.S. I’ll watch anything with Amy Adams or my husband since 1994’s The War, Kevin Costner.

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