Tiny Taylor Swift Falls in Love With Tiny Ed Sheeran in ‘Everything Has Changed’ Video

everything has changed kid taylor swiftThe video for Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed” featuring touring buddy and speculated real-life love interest Ed Sheeran is the seemingly sweet and innocent tale of two childhood best friends who appear to be early versions of Swift and Sheeran.

But there’s a twist. At the end of the thing we learn that the little ginger male and the curly-haired female are actually the kids of the two singers. Am I the only one that thought they were divorced and attempting to cordially share custody? Oh no, that’s weird because the kids are supposed to be together one day.

Okay okay… If they weren’t divorced, were they about to meet and make a third daywalker child which they would eventually resent and divorce over? I hate surprises. Everything ends in death.

What do you think?

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