Biracial Cheerios Commercial Trolls Get Awesome Response Video

little girl from the cheerios commercialThe best way to watch the new Cheerios commercial is without knowledge of the so-called controversy surrounding it. If you’re a reasonably educated liberal, the ad serves as an example of how far we’ve come since the mid 1960s, when interracial marriage was illegal in deep-south states like Mississippi and Georgia. You may not even notice that the parents are not the same color.

Many people who did notice were probably reminded of the hundreds of commercials featuring non-biracial Asian, black, white and Hispanic couples (plus silly, overly inclusive Army and college brochures) and found it refreshing. “It’s about time” seems like an appropriate thought.

Sadly, this country is full of moron bigots who love to hate people who are different and/or happier.

America’s moron bigot problem was tested for the millionth time when YouTube users left nasty comments on the “Just Checking” Cheerios video, attempting to take away from its loving message. The original:

And an awesome response to anyone who wrote about genocide in the comments section or even silently judged the original, by filmmaker, TV journalist and game show host Kenji America:
If only we could deny internet usage based on some kind of equality-based test that involves repeated viewing of this and the gay Kindle Paperwhite ad.

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