Evelyn Lozada’s Post-Chad Johnson Headbutt Photos are a Brutal Reminder of a Growing Problem

Evelyn Lozada cutThere is no bright side to getting beat up by the person you love, but if there’s one thing we can learn from photos of famous women like Rihanna and regular ones like Tina Nash — the British mother who tragically said “I miss the world, I miss everything, I feel like a ghost,” after an attack by her boyfriend left her permanently blinded — it’s that domestic violence is a worldwide problem that needs constant attention.

Raising awareness and speaking out on the matter is the least we can do.

For instance, TMZ just released photos of Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada with a nasty injury following last year’s headbutt by her ex-husband, NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. 

Many know Chad as that quirky, handsome, center-of-attention guy in a tiger-striped jersey who always kept the media on their toes in press conferences. The guy who slapped his male lawyer’s boo-tay in court and the centerpiece for VH1’s moderately successful dating show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. 

I can see how he would sound like a catch, but as you can see from that cut on Lozada, he’s not.

I think it’s f*cking scary that 85 women were vying for the attention of someone who would inevitably leave them physically and mentally scarred, and even scarier that there are hundreds of thousands of women living on edge because their partners have no control over their fists during the simplest of arguments.
Evelyn Lozada injuryRihanna face after Chris Brown
Left to right: Evelyn Lozado just months after marrying Johnson (July, 2012), and Rihanna in 2009.

The only real consolation is that the winners of reality shows like Rock of Love and Ultimate Catch never truly end up with the d-listers they’re competing for. Those not hired by former music networks are completely out of luck.

“It’s the hardest thing in the world to walk away from someone that you really love,” Lozada said in a Nightline interview last summer. “But you have to walk away because I have to protect myself.”

Amen. Protection. There are plenty of decent guys out there who won’t hit you. They may not do the dishes or buy you diamonds but Evelyn and Chad before divorcethey won’t destroy your face, mind and body.

I got in a HUGE argument with a friend who had seen her own mother abused by her father and basically said it was normal and there was nothing we can do. She even said that the woman deserves to be hit if she’s “doing something.”

Yeah. As stupid and ignorant as that opinion is, it’s really common and nearly impossible to “fix” once it’s embedded in the brain. Also, it’s one thing to screw yourself over because of poor self-esteem or masochistic tendencies (like Chris Brown fans), but you’re in a whole other ballpark when kids are involved. In other words, no one’s going to feel sorry for you when the neighbors call CPS.

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