Bieber and Gomez Re-Re-Re-Re-Kindle Romance

Justin and Selena back together 2013 Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber – unofficial Guinness Book of World Record holders for breaking up and getting back together the most – united on Instagram, confirming rumors that they loved each other like love songs as long as you love me on the 4th of July. Whatever. I’m more interested in the face Taylor Swift is making at this exact moment… Say what you want about Swifty, but she doesn’t go back for seconds. She feeds the strays, kicks them out, then locks her house up like Ethan Hawke in the The Purge to write a Grammy-winning cash cow of a song about them.

Speaking of relationships, I just lost an entire friendship because someone I’ve known since 3rd grade started dating my other [former best] friend’s ex-boyfriend. 

The other friend is all wrath and hellfire about me still talking to the friend who’s dating her ex because she’s all about “loyalty” and erasing bad memories.

Is it my fault that my ridiculous friend is dating your ridiculous ex? No. Do I want to be around someone who would excommunicate me for not excommunicating someone else? Not really.

Here’s my favorite part of her email explaining why we can’t see each other any more:

 I’m over alllllllllllll the shit I was doing before in my life. Like spelling out the words ‘you’ & ‘your’, what a waste of precious time.

Ain’t nobody got time to spell out three and four-letter words. If YOU were actually “over” the past then YOU also wouldn’t have time to give two craps about me talking to someone who makes sandwiches for your ex.
Rihanna slapping michael cera gif this is the end
But I’m not a therapist. What do I know? (Even Bieber doesn’t make me this mad.)

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One thought on “Bieber and Gomez Re-Re-Re-Re-Kindle Romance

  1. Tell your friend to take out the trash and keep on going till her ears bleed. You don’t need that kind of complication. I’m still friends with my best friend who dated my ex husband. It’s their issues but she is still a good friend.


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